Our Vision

Our vision is to lead the way in shaping a dynamic and sustainable future for the transport sector, fostering collaborative relationships, influencing policy, and driving innovation towards a resilient, low-carbon, and interconnected European transport landscape.


UKTiE is a member-driven association, operating across all transport modes, that makes the most of its members’ expertise focusing on common interests and priorities.


We advocate for redirecting policy and funding to accelerate the development of zero-emission vehicles across all modes, from cars and buses to trucks, trains, taxis, ships, and aircraft.


Digitalisation of transport will continue to increase, not least as a result of the COVID pandemic, and poses practical and financial challenges for ageing transport infrastructure and systems.

Society & economy

UKTiE believes the development of good quality, integrated, safe and sustainable transport is the key to building a successful economy, creating green jobs, and strong communities.

international trade & influence

When it comes to international trade, UKTiE wants to see reciprocity and mutual recognition, particularly with regard to standards and frictionless trade.

Stability & certainty

UKTiE supports a regulatory framework that offers industry predictability, stability, clarity and certainty – essential to creating the right climate for long-term investment.

Accessibility/ Mobility

UKTiE promotes the role of an integrated transport system as a means to improve access, connecting people, businesses and communities.

Our mission

UKTiE’s primary objective is to facilitate engagement with the EU and the Member States to make the EU-UK relationship as mutually beneficial as possible for the transport sector.

To achieve this, it makes sense to work together. Sharing insights on how that relationship could evolve in the future, exchanging best practice and securing high levels of engagement to gain the sort of influence that would be difficult, expensive or even impossible, alone.

Our mission

For the past ten years, UKTiE has built up a strong reputation in Brussels as the go-to organisation by Whitehall and Brussels.

We will continue our work to be the UK PLC ‘springboard’ to influence the EU and the global transport agenda.


Dont’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

UKTiE is essential in bringing together all the UK’s transportation modes to promote an impactful voice in the counsels of the EU on transport issues. At a time of Brexit uncertainty, it is more important than ever for UK transport to form new alliances and engage politicians and stakeholders in Brussels and Strasbourg, to both seek to influence and to understand developing policy in the EU.

Darren Caplan, Chief Executive

UK Railway Industry Association

We have worked with UKTIE for over 7 years. This is a testament to the high quality service the team provides from high level political intelligence to developing detailed engagement programme. Their work on understanding the current political risks and their experience of European institutions have been key developing a successful influencing strategy. It has also been a useful way to meet and engage with other UKTiE members, which has helped us to identify areas of common interest, and focus our combined energies on issues.

Agnès Bonnet, Head of European Affairs

Office of Rail and Road