UKTiE draws to a close another successful 2 day Transport Policy Forum in the European Parliament. This year’s event brought together Commission officials, MEPs such as Michael Cramer, Jacqueline Foster, Gesine Meissner, Lucy Anderson and Keith Taylor alongside key UK transport representatives and the United Kingdom’s Department for Transport.

The debate focused on EU Transport priorities for the next five years.

Key messages emerged from this year’s very productive debate, outlining UKTiE’s position for 2015 and beyond:

  • UKTiE welcomes the recognition by the new European Commission that a positive framework for investment in transport is key to boosting job creation, economic growth and competitiveness;
  • UKTiE supports the commitment on the part of the European Commission to create the right regulatory environment and promote a climate of entrepreneurship and job creation, which avoids stifling innovation with too prescriptive and too detailed regulations;
  • UKTiE believes this approach is essential if investment in transport is to be sustained and boosted, and welcomes the commitment on the part of the representatives of all the EU institutions to work constructively with UKTiE over the next five years to complete the European Single Market in Transport.

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