EU Transport Priorities for the next five years: a fresh start? UK Transport in Europe  5th Annual Transport Policy Forum Tuesday 4th […]
A new Commission proposal aims to make better and more efficient use of Europe’s mid-sized ports. Currently, over 20% of […]
The need to agree on how to separate track from train operators and to balance growth, quality of service and […]
The Commission has adopted a new Regulation establishing governance and incentive mechanisms to facilitate the effective and timely deployment of […]
The European Commission adopted today revised implementing Regulations on performance and charging, setting the framework for the upcoming negotiations on […]
The Council adopteda decision derogating temporarily from directive 2003/87/EC establishing the EU scheme for greenhouse gas emission allowance trading. The […]
Eight years of EU external aviation policy have produced mixed results. Pillar 1 agreements have indeed largely contributed to restoring […]
The member states’ Permanent Representatives today endorsed the compromise reached between the Council and the European Parliament in their negotiations […]
MEPs voted on against freezing auctions of a portion of CO2 emission quotas, so as to boost the price of […]
The European Commission is making accessibility an essential requirement for rail infrastructure when newly built, upgraded or renewed. Accessibility can […]