The purpose of this contract is to assess the possible impact, including financial consequences, of security duties including the measures for self-protection and the prevention of piracy and armed robbery against ships, on the workload of all categories of ship crew and the interaction of security levels with manning level of ships. Ships to be considered in particular are those subject to Article 3.1 and Article 3.2 of Regulation 725/2004.

Time-limit for receipt of tenders: 23/05/2011
1) The project will establish the impact on masters/SSO/shipboard personnel having specific security duties, and other shipboard personnel taking into account Resolution A.890(21) as amended by Resolution A.955(23).
2) It will assess the impact of implementing the security measures as recommended in Commission Recommendation on measures for self-protection and the prevention of piracy and armed robbery against ships and relevant national legislation where existing.
3) It will analyse the workload on board EU Member States flagged ships with regard to different security levels worldwide and, more specifically, concerning shipping routes where the piracy risk is considerable. It will take into account the control measures listed in the ship security plan, in particular:

  • Workload when in port: access control, security of supplies, etc.,
  • Watches and other security duties when transiting potentially pirate-infested waters and taking the measures recommended by the best management practices while transiting high-risk areas.

4) It will make recommendations related to the abovementioned tasks.
5) Any additional recommendations fitting the aim of the study will be welcome.
Existing literature should be taken into due account, but should not to be duplicated.

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