On 29 Ocotber the Council endorsed a political agreement on the proposed regulation on recording equipment in road transport (tachographs). Minister Flourentzou welcomed the political agreement stressing that “making tachographs more cost-effective should be one of the key elements of the EU strategy to further integrate the road freight transport market and render road transport safer, more efficient and competitive”.

Tachographs play a crucial role in checking compliance by professional road transport drivers with the rules on driving time and rest periods. They contribute to improving road safety, drivers’ working conditions and fair competition between road transport companies.

The promotion of a new approach on periodic roadworthiness tests for motor vehicles and their trailers in order to reduce the number of road fatalities was also addressed by the Council.

EU Transport Ministers emphasised the need to enhance protection of vulnerable road users and to provide harmonised standards for control, equipment, qualification of inspectors and assessment of defects.  The orientation debate which took place during today’s meeting reinforced the willingness of Member States to work hard in the Council in order to formulate an effective legislative framework which will serve the underlying objective of enhancing road safety as well as contributing to the reduction of emissions in road transport.

Source: Council of the EU


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