DExEU have responded¬†to our letter requesting a Future Partnership paper for transport. Steve Baker MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary for Exiting the European Union, reassured UKTiE that “the Government is aware of the concerns of the UK transport sector, such as connectivity and the UK’s future trade and transport arrangements and agreements”. Steve Baker MP also confirmed that our ‘Brexit Position Paper‘ has been sent onto officials in DExEU.

Although UKTiE appreciates the reassurance that the Government is aware of the concerns of the transport sector, we will continue our efforts to press DExEU as we believe that having a clear understanding of the Government’s transport position is of the utmost importance. UKTiE would like to see the Government publish a position paper in the form of a Future Partnership Paper which outlines its vision and position as to how transport cooperation will look like in a future UK-EU partnership.


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