Under “Any other Business” the Commission informed ministers on its proposal for the monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV) of carbon dioxide emissions from international maritime transport, which is currently examined by the Council working party on the environment (14587/13).  The purpose of the legislative proposal (11851/13) is to ensure that greenhouse gas emissions from ships are monitored and reported as first step of a staged approach to reduce these emissions. The proposed measure focuses on CO2 emissions, which represent about 98% of the greenhouse gas emissions of the shipping sector. It would be applicable to large ships above 5000 Gross Tons (GT), which account for around 55% of the number of ships calling into Union ports and represent around 90% of the related emissions. The EU MRV system should then serve as an example for the creation and implementation of a global MRV in the context of the International Maritime Organisation.

Source: Consilium

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