EU transport, travel, trade and COVID19 developments & forward look: at a glance

Issue 3: 10 April 2020

Most recent first  (See Issues 1&2  for previous developments) 

9 April 2020: Report on the comprehensive economic policy response to the COVID-19 pandemic

9 April 2020: Temporary measures to be adopted by railway Notified Bodies for the Evaluation activities

9 April 2020: COVID-19: Commissioner Reynders repeats his call for respect of consumer protection and support to travel and tourism businesses for package travel holidays

9 April 2020: Coronavirus: guidance on repatriating cruise ship passengers and protecting ship crews

8 April 2020: Commission Guidelines on protection of health, repatriation and travel arrangements for seafarers, passengers and other persons on board ships

8 April 2020: Latest TRAN Committee Work in Progress

8 April 2020: The Commission invited Schengen Member States and Schengen Associated States to prolong the temporary restriction on non-essential travel to the EU until 15 May.

8 April 2020: Questions & answers for people travelling to and from the EU during the pandemic

7 April 2020: EUROCONTROL States agree a €1.1 billion deferral package to assist airlines

7 April 2020: Mobility package: Council adopts truck drivers reform

7 April 2020: Public Consultation: Low-emission vehicles – improving the EU’s refuelling/recharging infrastructure – Feedback period 06 April 2020 – 04 May 2020

7 April 2020: Public Consultation: Alternative Fuels Infrastructure — evaluation -Feedback period open from 6 April to 29 June 2020

7 April 2020: AMENDMENTS 1 – 60 – Draft opinion Recommendations on the negotiations for a new partnership with the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (Johan DANIELSSON (S&D))

Relates to the draft Opinion:


Look Ahead

14 April 2020: EP IMCO Committee Meeting  (Consumer Rights)

The Committee will hold an exchange of views with Commissioner Reynders on the EU response to the COVID-19 outbreak, in particular with respect to consumers protection.

15 April 2020: Video conference of ministers of health

EU ministers of health will hold a video conference to take stock of the current situation and measures already taken in response to the spread of COVID-19 in the EU and to reflect on the challenges ahead in order to find the best coordinated approach for moving forward.

16-17 April: Extraordinary plenary session

21 April 2020: TRAN Committee of the European Parliament: Extraordinary meeting, 9.00 – 11.00 and 15.00 – 15.30, Room: József Antall (4Q2)


Other key stakeholder announcements

9 April 2020: ECSA thanks the European Commission for the guidelines on seafarers, passengers and other persons on board ships

9 April 2020: #Weareinthistogether: Why the Entire Aviation Supply Chain is Fighting for Its Survival

9 April 2020: Ensuring the survival of new entrant passenger rail companies – proposal for a rescue plan

9 April 2020: Impacts of COVID-19 in the area of customs – Letter from Markus J. Beyrer to EU Commissioner Paolo Gentiloni

8 April 2020: Road to Zero: the last EU emission standard for cars, vans, buses and trucks


Main EU COVID19 information sources

European Commission

3 April 2020 (live): Border Crossing Times

European Parliament

European Council

European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control

Border Crossing Times for Trucks: real time,17&corridor=&extent=-6892785.462641882,4233830.029018746,8135345.794446057,9888947.129667722


Thanks to OPP for additional information and insight





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