EU transport, travel, trade and COVID19 developments & forward look: at a glance

Issue 4:  17 April 2020

Most recent first  (See Issue 1-3 for previous developments) 

16 April: EP Plenary – European Council and Commission statements – EU coordinated action to combat the COVID-19 pandemic and its consequences (16 April 2020)

16 April 2020: Rebuilding Europe after Covid-19: MEPs call for decisive action

16 April 2020: MEPs call for stronger EU response to overcome COVID-19

16 April 2020: Communication from the Commission to the European Parliament pursuant to Article 294(6) of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union concerning the position of the Council on Mobility Package I

16 April 2020: Draft Opinion: EP ENVI Committee on technical and operational measures for more efficient and cleaner maritime transport

16 April 2020:  Which world do we want after COVID-19? By Bertrand Piccard and Frans Timmermans

15 April 2020: Communication – A European roadmap to lifting coronavirus containment measures

15 April 2020: The European Commission approves Danish State guarantee of up to approximately €137 million on a revolving credit facility in favour of Scandinavian airline SAS to be in line with EU State aid rules.

15 April 2020: EU Member States, supported by the Commission, adopted an EU toolbox to use mobile applications for efficient contact tracing and warning in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

15 April 2020: European Council -EU-UK negotiations on the future relationship: new negotiating rounds that will take place by video conference, starting on the following dates: 20 April, 11 May, 1 June.

Joint statement by EU and UK negotiators following the video conference on 15 April 2020 (European Commission)

14 April 2020: Briefing: Impact of the coronavirus crisis on climate action and the European Green Deal

11 April 2020: (updated) France, Germany join group of 10 EU countries calling for green recovery

Look Ahead

16-17 April: Extraordinary Plenary Session

20 April 2020: EU-UK negotiations on the future relationship.

21 April 2020: TRAN Committee of the European Parliament: Extraordinary meeting, 9.00 – 11.00 and 15.00 – 15.30, Room: József Antall (4Q2), including exchange of views with Thierry Breton, Commissioner for Internal Market, in particular on Commission’s response to the COVID-19 crisis in the tourism sector.

21 April 2020: ENVI Committee, including exchange of views on EU Green Deal.

28 April 2020: Extraordinary meeting TRAN Committee meeting on Tuesday 28 April Brussels : JAN – 2Q2

Other key stakeholder announcements

15 April 2020: Shipping industry requests European Commission to put public consultations and impact assessments on hold (by ECSA)

14 April 2020: Public Letter: BusinessEurope letter on efforts to mitigate COVID-19 impacts and on non-essential EU initiatives from Markus J. Beyrer to EU Executive Vice-President Frans Timmermans

Main EU COVID19 information sources

European Commission

European Parliament

European Council

European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control

Border Crossing Times for Trucks: real time,17&corridor=&extent=-6892785.462641882,4233830.029018746,8135345.794446057,9888947.129667722


Further advice

An ad hoc working group of experts from the “EU Healthy Gateways joint action” consortium published advice for preparedness and response to the COVID-19 outbreak:

Advice for ship operators and advice for train travellers.



Thanks to OPP for additional information and insight





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