• UKTiE is a member-driven association, operating across all transport modes, that makes the most of its members’ expertise focusing on common interests and priorities. We advocate for a holistic approach to policymaking that ensures an integrated approach to all modes to guarantee better policy outcomes and a better service for consumers through improved mobility. Speaking with one voice for transport.


  • UKTiE and its members are working to ensure a carbon neutral future by 2050 with significant progress made in the coming years, recognising that transport is now a significant source of CO2 in Europe and can make a significant difference to reducing carbon emissions globally.

Jobs, society & economy

  • UKTiE believes the development of good quality, integrated, safe and sustainable transport is the key to building a successful economy, creating jobs, and developing strong communities. We believe that having a better transport network leads to having a better economy. Strong transport connectivity that links the UK to the EU is beneficial for both businesses and consumers.

 International trade and influence

  • We all play a part in ensuring that European industry remains competitive on the global market, through ensuring we are cost effective, efficient and focusing on meeting consumers’ needs. We also encourage fair competition within modes and between modes to improve efficiencies and customer services. When it comes to international trade, UKTiE wants to see reciprocity and mutual recognition, particularly with regard to standards and frictionless trade.

Legislative framework – stability and certainty

  • UKTiE supports a light touch regulatory framework that offers industry predictability, stability, clarity and certainty – essential to creating the right climate for long-term investment. We think this is best achieved through prioritisation of policy objectives.


  • UKTiE is working to ensure a transport sector fit for the 21st century, which requires us to become the architect of the digitalised environment with the consumer at its core. The digitalisation of the economy requires us to pursue new business models around IT, as well as increased innovation to digitalise the transport sector and keep it up to speed with a fast-changing economic environment.


  • UKTiE promotes the role of an integrated transport system as a means to improve access, connecting people and places.


  • The future relationship between the UK and our EU partners should be based on these principles and provide the long-term certainty that the transport sector needs. Our relationship needs to ensure the highest levels of connectivity, consumer choice and safety, and minimum levels of friction, cost and regulatory uncertainty.



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