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Welcome to the 2nd edition of UKTiE’s Monthly Transport Insights, your go-to source for the most recent developments, trends, and news in the world of EU transport. We’re excited to bring you a curated selection of stories that will keep you informed and entertained. If you want more information, do not hesitate to contact us since we produce a monthly Briefing that covers all transport related regulatory developments.

Let’s dive into this month’s top stories:

🌍November’s Mobility Marvel: EU reveals a set of proposals for Transport

On the 29 November, the Commission adopted a series of proposals designed to improve the experience of passengers and travelers by strengthening their rights. Among them we find the Proposal for a Regulation on the enforcement of passenger rights in the Union and the  Proposal for the Revision of the Directive on Package Travel. If you want more details, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

🌍 Eurocontrol and ACI Europe’s Guide to Winter-Ready Airports

Eurocontrol and ACI Europe have joined forces to unveil a comprehensive guide designed to fortify airports against the challenges posed by adverse weather conditions, especially during winter. This invaluable resource, a collaborative effort involving airports, air navigation service providers, airlines, and aviation trade associations, is the brainchild of the European Climate Change Adaptation Working Group. Formed in 2022, this group, backed by Eurocontrol and ACI Europe along with 37 partner organizations, stands as a beacon of industry collaboration, ensuring airports are well-equipped to weather any seasonal storm. 🌨️✈️

🌍Industry and EU Leaders Rally for Night Trains: A Call for Comprehensive Strategy

In a collective letter to Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, Ministers, Members of the European Parliament, and industry representatives advocated for the development of a dedicated strategy to boost the usage of night trains across the EU. Recognizing the growing popularity of night trains and the demand for sustainable travel, the letter urges the creation of a comprehensive European strategy for a night train network. Despite the current surge in enthusiasm, the signatories acknowledged challenges such as technical disparities, high track access charges, financial risks, timetable coordination, and the absence of a unified booking platform. However, they also proposed solutions such as increased funding, reduced track access charges, favorable loans, faster rolling stock approvals, and enhanced passenger rights. 🚆🌙

🌍TEN-T : Insights from TRAN Committee

Co-Rapporteur Dominique Riquet (RE, France) recently briefed the TRAN Committee on the Guidelines for the trans-European transport network’s development. He noted that this file was still a priority for the Spanish Presidency, but the Council had made no further progress on the issue of governance. While agreements were reached on military mobility and maintenance, discussions on rail modes revealed divergences: it appeared to be a general agreement on the dates of implementation of European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS) networks, but the Council was doubtful of freight operational standards, electrification, and platform lengths. With over 250 hours of technical meetings, the final trilogue will take place in 18 December. The Co-Rapporteur warned that a political agreement would likely not be reached during the current Parliamentary term. 🚄

🌍The Commission welcomes new UN Aviation Agency global target for sustainable aviation fuels

The European Commission welcomed the new UN Aviation Agency global target for sustainable aviation fuels agreement reached at the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Conference on Aviation and Alternative Fuels (CAAF/3) on a global framework for sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) and cleaner aviation energy. The agreement, part of ICAO’s commitment to achieve net-zero CO2 emissions for international aviation by 2050, sets an aspirational target of reducing CO2 emissions by 5% through the increased use of SAF by 2030. This landmark decision sends a strong signal to global investors, emphasizing the importance of investing in cleaner energy for aviation. ✈️

🌍Happening this month 📅

4 December: The IMCO Committee from the European Parliament will hold a public hearing regarding the performance of the Package Travel Directive.

7 December: A vote will take place in the TRAN Committee regarding the Drivers Licence Directive.

18 December: Trilogue regarding the Union guidelines for the development of the trans-European transport network – amended proposal in light of war in Ukraine (TEN-T Regulation).

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