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As we embark on a brand new year, we’re thrilled to present the third edition of Transport Chronicles, your trusted source for the latest developments, trends, and insights in EU-UK transport. Belgium’s EU Presidency kicks off with a focus on decarbonization and sustainable mobility. Explore the EU Urban Mobility Observatory’s new website, fostering greener urban futures. COP28 concludes with a shift away from fossil fuels, signaling a global change. Discover the Draft Report on CountEmissionsEU, a leap in greenhouse gas accounting for transport services. Join the sustainability wave with EUROCONTROL’s FlyingGreen platform, revolutionizing aviation practices. 🌿🛫 Ready for an exciting journey? Reach out for more information.

🌍1 January: Belgian Presidency’s Transport Agenda Unveiled for 2024

Gear up for a transformative period as Belgium assumes the Presidency of the Council of the EU from 1 January to 30 June 2024! The focus regarding transport? A resolute commitment to decarbonize the EU transport sector, champion sustainable modes of transport, and ensure equitable working conditions. Intriguingly, efforts will intensify to fortify intra-European connectivity, fostering a robust and future-proof European transport network. Addressing the mobility impacts of geopolitical events, the Presidency aims to enhance connectivity for Ukraine and Moldova. As Belgium takes the helm, anticipate a renewed push for innovative, safe, and efficient transport policies, setting the stage for a dynamic future. 🚀🌐 #EU2024BE 🇧🇪

Belgian presidency of the Council of the European Union

🌍22 December: Calls for Restricting Heavily-Polluting Ships from EU Ports Gain Traction

The maritime sector, responsible for almost 3% of global emissions, faces concerns of a potential 30% increase in shipping emissions by 2050. Environmental advocacy group proposes penalties for ships with low environmental grades, suggesting restrictions from entering EU ports. While EU policymakers have introduced measures such as a law requiring ships to use low-carbon fuels and by placing a carbon price on shipping emissions, the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) urges stricter regulations, allowing only ships on track to meet global climate goals to dock at European ports. The proposed enforcement involves restricting entry for ships with a failing grade, creating a potential global template for environmental action. Despite criticisms of the current Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII), the EDF sees it as the best tool for achieving global emission reductions, emphasizing the need for enforcement to drive meaningful change.🚢🌍

🌍14 December: European Commission Unveils New Website for EU Urban Mobility Observatory

The European Commission launched the new website of the EU Urban Mobility Observatory. It facilitates the exchange of information, knowledge, and experience in the field of sustainable urban mobility in Europe. It addresses individuals working in transport as well as in related disciplines, including urban and regional development, health, energy, and environmental sciences. Created more than 20 years ago, it is now Europe’s main source of information on urban mobility and is financed by the European Commission’s Directorate General for Mobility and Transport (DG MOVE).🚆📱

🌍December 13: COP28 Concludes with Revised Fossil Fuel Commitments

COP28 wrapped up with a notable shift in language, as nearly 200 nations commit to “transition away from” rather than “phase out” fossil fuels. While some hail this change as historic, critics express skepticism, citing the persistent challenges in actualizing global reductions in fossil fuel reliance. Despite aspirations for an impending shift, skeptics underscore COP’s limitations in effecting sweeping changes across diverse nations. The agreement’s impact on major consumers like China remains uncertain, raising questions about the real-world outcomes spurred by diplomatic rhetoric. 🌍🌿

🌍11 December: Rapporteurs from Committees ENVI and TRAN of the European Parliament Release Draft Report on CountEmissionsEU Proposal

The rapporteurs, Pascal Canfin (RE, France), from ENVI and Barbara Thaler (EPP, Austria), from TRAN, published their Draft Report on the proposal for a regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council on the accounting of greenhouse gas emissions of transport services (CountEmissionsEU). If you need more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

🌍December 8: EUROCONTROL Launches FlyingGreen for Aviation Sustainability

In a step towards aviation sustainability, EUROCONTROL kicks off the development of its new platform, FlyingGreen. Engaging with 240 representatives from the aviation sector, this project is a strategic focus within EUROCONTROL’s “Raising the Bar” program. FlyingGreen aims to actively support ECAC Member States and operational stakeholders in their journey towards decarbonization and climate change adaptation. The platform introduces a comprehensive NetZero toolkit, green fuel calculators, and other environmentally conscious services. Notably, stakeholder collaboration is at the heart of FlyingGreen’s design process, ensuring alignment with industry needs. With a robust foundation built on four pillars—NetZero, Fuelling Decarb, ClimAdapt, and DecarbFin—FlyingGreen addresses emissions reduction, sustainable aviation fuel transition, climate resilience, and access to climate finance for aviation. 🛫🌿

🌍Happening this Month 📅

11 January: Joint ENVI-TRAN committee meeting.

17 January: Event “La Soirée” – A new and insightful series of high-profile events focusing on sustainable mobility. The first of our series will feature a roundtable discussion on what 2024 may have in store for clean mobility, investment, and green politics. Speakers at this event include: Erik Jonnaert – Chairman, FIPRA Public Affairs,  Laurianne Krid – Director General, FIA Region 1, Mark Watts CEO of UKTiE,  Thomas Jérémie Hayden-Lefebvre, Editor-in-Chief, Green Mobility Magazine (Moderator). The inaugural event is scheduled for January 17th at the Press Club Brussels. Doors open at 17:00.

17-18 January: Flight Dispatcher Days (Brussels), you can click here for more information and to register.

6 February: Adoption in the European Commission College: 2040 climate target.

21 February: Conference “Moving forward together: what’s next for EU mobility & transport?”, you can click here for more information and to register.

For further details on any featured story or to explore opportunities to join UKTiE, feel free to reach out to us. Your inquiries are always welcome!

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