Let’s dive into this week’s top stories:

🌍 New Commissioners Pledge 90% Emission Cut by 2040: A Game-Changer for Transport

In a game-changing moment, Wopke Hoekstra and Maroš Šefčovič, the newly appointed Commissioners,  commit to a greener future. They’re driving a new EU climate target for 2040, nature restoration strategies, and sectoral roadmaps in sync with the Climate Law, all while ensuring a staggering 90% net reduction in emissions by 2040. Hoekstra champions transparency, and Šefčovič provides insights into the Green Deal’s legislative timeline. This bold commitment is a pivotal step for the transport sector towards a sustainable, eco-friendly future. #GreenRevolution 🌿🌞

🌍 RefuelEU: Boosting Sustainable Aviation Fuels Sets the Course for a Greener Tomorrow

The European Council’s adoption of the RefuelEU aviation initiative marks a key moment for the transport sector. It aims to align the aviation industry with the EU’s climate goals for 2030 and 2050. As this new regulation enters into force, aviation fuel suppliers will be required to progressively increase sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) in their products, starting with 2% in 2025 and reaching a remarkable 70% by 2050, alongside synthetic fuels. This game-changing initiative paves the way for a more sustainable and eco-friendly future for aviation and the entire transport industry. #GreenAviation ✈️

🌍 Approval of the revised Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) Directive

Big news on the sustainable mobility front! On the 24th of October, The European Commission celebrated the final approval of the revised Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) Directive. Brace yourselves for smarter journey planners, enhanced emergency services, and a more eco-friendly transport landscape. This game-changing legislation, part of the European Green Deal, paves the way for efficient traffic management, seamless multimodal journeys, and fuels the engine for connected and automated mobility. With the green light from both the European Parliament and the Council, it’s set to transform the way we move. 🌐🚗

🌍 European Commission adopts new proposal on combining transport modes for more sustainable freight

The European Commission adopted on the 7th of November a new proposal which aims to boost sustainability in freight by enhancing the competitiveness of intermodal transport. Imagine one container seamlessly shifting between truck, train, barge, ship, or plane, combining the flexibility of road transport with the eco-performance of rail and waterways. This proposal, a key part of the Greening Freight Package, sets a 40% reduction target in negative externalities compared to road-only operations, ushering in efficiency and competitiveness. The proposal now heads to the European Parliament and Council in the ordinary legislative procedure. 🌍🚛

🌍 The 155% Growth in Transport Subsidies Raises Concerns

The 2023 Report on energy subsidies in the EU uncovers a startling revelation: in 2022, total subsidies to the transport sector skyrocketed to approximately EUR 38 billion, a jaw-dropping 155% increase compared to 2021. Road transport, the primary beneficiary, soaked up 83% of these subsidies (31 billion euros), with air, river, and rail following. This substantial surge is tied to government measures addressing the energy crisis, with road transport ranking as the third-largest recipient after households and consumers. While the report points out a doubling in fossil fuel subsidies, it raises an urgent concern – the transport sector lacks clear timelines or plans for subsidy reduction. 🚗💨 #SubsidySurge 🌿

🌍 MEPs support stricter Euro 7 rules for road transport emissions

Hold tight! MEPs are shifting gears to kickstart negotiations with EU governments on groundbreaking rules to slash road transport emissions for cars, vans, buses, and trucks. With 329 votes in favor, 230 against and 41 abstentions, Parliament adopted its negotiating stance, paving the way for a revamp of EU rules on motor vehicle type-approval and market surveillance (Euro 7). This game-changing regulation not only updates emission limits for exhaust pollutants but also introduces measures to tackle emissions from tyres and brakes while boosting battery durability. MEPs, led by Rapporteur Alexandr Vondra, strike a balance between environmental goals and manufacturers’ interests, emphasizing a compromise that serves all parties involved without compromising Europe’s industry or citizens.  #Euro7Impact 🚗🍃


🌍 The Politico Sustainable Future Week

We’re thrilled to announce our participation in Politico’s Sustainable Future Week – Mobility event! Get ready for insights on Multimodal Digital Mobility Services (MDMS) and an overview of the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T). Stay tuned for a detailed summary of this event in our upcoming newsletter. Want more information? Contact us today! 🚀 #SustainableWeek 🚗💡



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