Consultation period: 20/04/2011 – 14/06/2011

Objectives of the consultation

This is an open consultation which aims to collect your views and background information. It intends to establish an impact assessment concerning the different options for EU action aimed to set up a mechanism for compliance checks and enforcement of Directive 2009/13/EC on all ships calling at ports of Member States, irrespective of their flag. The ultimate objective of the selected action will be the improvement of maritime safety, working conditions and the health and safety of seafarers.

The MLC contains provisions on the states’ responsibilities – including flag states, port states and labour supplying countries – which could help meet the abovementioned objectives.

Against this background, we kindly ask you to evaluate the proposed measures, suggest modifications or even put forward alternative measures. The possible selected measures will be further evaluated in conjunction with maritime transport stakeholders.

We are in particular interested to hear what the main challenges, possibilities, or needs are, and to receive suggestions on how best to tackle them. In each section, you will find multiple-choice questions, but also space for expressing your own views and ideas.

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