Consultation period: 24/06/2011 – 11/09/2011

The EU is looking to achieve the highest air safety performance in the world and to ensure the same level of air safety for all its citizens, by moving towards a proactive system based on state of the art risk management techniques. The effectiveness of such a system will greatly depend on the ability of the EU to systematically analyse all available safety information, including information on civil aviation occurrences.

Directive 2003/42/EC requires each Member State to set up a mandatory occurrence reporting system and encourages the development of voluntary systems.

From the EU perspective a set of national schemes working independently was however insufficient. To eliminate this fragmentation and aggregate data at the EU level, a European Central Repository (ECR) of information on civil aviation occurrences was set up by means of implementing legislation adopted by the Commission (Commission Regulation (EC) No 1321/2007).

However, despite the adoption of Directive 2003/42/EC and of its implementing rules, occurrence reporting in the EU and the current performance of ECR are still affected by a number of shortcomings which limit the usefulness of the whole system for accident prevention purposes.

The Commission is considering a revision of Directive 2003/42/EC and its implementing rules and this consultation aims at collecting your views on the current issues related to the implementation of the Directive and possible options for its revision.

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