The Deputy Leader of the Conservatives in the European Parliament, Jacqueline Foster MEP, has urged MEPs to avoid becoming too focused on employment and environment issues when examining transport legislation.

Mrs Foster made the comments during her high-level keynote speech to the annual summit of UK Transport in Europe (UKTiE), the Brussels trade association of the UK transport industry, of which she is the patron.

The North West MEP and Transport Spokesman said: “I was delighted the host the annual meeting of UKTiE, which does a great job of banging the drum for the British transport industry here in Brussels.

“I stressed my concerns that too many MEPs seek to use transport legislation to pursue their own agendas on environmental or social matters.

“Obviously I have always supported good quality jobs and training and responsible employers, but these rules should be set by member states. Meanwhile on ‘green’ issues, we in the UK and across Europe are already leading the way on clean technology.

“The remit of the Transport Committee and the aim of transport legislation should primarily be to find the best way of moving people and goods from A to B, rather than be an excuse for dreaming up more and more red tape.”


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