About UKTiE:

UKTiE is a unique association representing Britain’s leading transport companies and organisations, across all the modes. It was launched 10 year ago to facilitate constructive engagement between UK transport representatives, the UK Government and the EU institutions. Despite, indeed because if Brexit, our mission remains the same.

We’re now recognised as the ‘go-to’ UK-EU transport organisation by Whitehall and Brussels and we work with our members to promote the best in UK transport, share best practice with our European partners and support the work of the EU institutions. The UK transport sector is highly competitive and world class in terms of technology, sustainability, safety and consumer choice, and we strive to make a success of our new UK-EU relationship.

Our latest exciting, ambitious and pro-active programme for the year ahead is still being finalised (we would welcome your input) and we are planning a number of key events, many of them member only:

· Reconvened UKTiE-UKMis Roundtable
· Working to promote UK leadership on decarbonisation in Brussels, in run up to COP26
· Researching best practice so we can become a ‘super effective third country’· Promoting a mutually beneficial EU-UK transport policy agenda· Meetings with forthcoming EU Presidencies
· Engaging with the European Commission
· Meeting with the European Parliament, including the new Joint EU-UK Committee· Delegation to/with Paris and Berlin to meet national policy and law makers
· Regular Board meetings, and briefings from UKMis and DfT

And the Annual Forum, which brings together UK and EU transport stakeholders, policy and law makers.


“UKTiE is essential in bringing together all the UK’s transportation modes to promote an impactful voice in the counsels of the EU on transport issues. At a time of Brexit uncertainty, it is more important than ever for UK transport to form new alliances and engage politicians and stakeholders in Brussels and Strasbourg, to both seek to influence and to understand developing policy in the EU.”

Darren Caplan, Chief Executive, the UK Railway Industry Association

We have worked with UKTIE for over 5 years.  This is a testament to the high quality service the team provides from high level political intelligence to developing detailed engagement programme.  Their work on understanding the current political risks and their experience of European institutions have been key developing a successful influencing strategy. It has also been a useful way to meet and engage with other UKTiE members, which has helped us to identify areas of common interest, and focus our combined energies on issues.”   

Agnès Bonnet, Head of European Affairs, Office of Rail and Road

Our Vision:


  • UKTiE is a member-driven association, operating across all transport modes, that makes the most of its members’ expertise focusing on common interests and priorities. We advocate for a holistic ethos to policymaking that ensures an integrated approach to all modes, to guarantee better policy outcomes and better services for consumers through improved mobility. We aim to speak with one voice for UK transport in Europe.


  • UKTiE and its members are working to ensure a carbon neutral future by 2050 Given transport’ significant contribution to CO2 emissions, we need to redirect policy and funding towards rapid development of zero-emission vehicles, including cars, buses, trucks, trains, taxis, ships and aircraft. Accelerating the roll out of new charging and fueling infrastructure and enhancing the offer of more sustainable transport modes, including public transport, shared mobility, cycling and walking, are also essential.

Jobs, society & economy

  • UKTiE believes the development of good quality, integrated, safe and sustainable transport is the key to building a successful economy, creating green jobs, and strong communities and improving quality of life. We believe that having a better transport network including strong connectivity between the EU and UK, also significantly improves resilience.

 International trade and influence

  • We all play a part in ensuring that European transport-related industry remains competitive on the global market, through ensuring we are cost effective, efficient, innovative, and focused on consumers’ needs. We also encourage fair competition within and between modes. When it comes to international trade, UKTiE wants to see reciprocity and mutual recognition, particularly with regard to standards and frictionless trade.

Legislative framework – stability and certainty

  • UKTiE supports a regulatory framework that offers industry predictability, stability, clarity and certainty – essential to creating the right climate for long-term investment. The framework should also enable private and public providers to work together to deliver public policy objectives.


  • Digitalisation of transport will continue to increase, not least as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, and poses practical and financial challenges for ageing transport infrastructure and systems. UKTiE is working to ensure a transport sector fit for the 21st century, which requires us to become the architect of a digitalised environment with the consumer at its core. Effective use of data will deliver integrated travel and support an efficient and zero carbon transport system.


  • UKTiE promotes the role of an integrated transport system as a means to improve access, connecting people, businesses and communities.

The Coronavirus pandemic

  • UKTiE urges that full transport connectivity be restored as soon as possible, in a way that is safe for passengers and staff, consistent with our vision and which helps the world to build back better from Coronavirus, and create a resilient, sustainable and smart future.
  • Some people are understandably concerned about the safety of travelling by public transport, but operators have made huge efforts to sanitise their services and the evidence shows that it is overwhelmingly safe to travel. The EU and national governments must reinforce this message, which is essential for a sustainable recovery from the pandemic.

Future UK-EU and European relations 

  • The future relationship between the UK and our EU partners should be based on these principles and provide the long-term certainty that the transport sector needs. UKTiE’s relationships with the EU institutions, European countries and transport stakeholders needs to be based on strong and effective dialogue so that we can ensure the highest levels of connectivity, consumer choice and safety, and minimum levels of friction, cost and regulatory uncertainty. We aim to help achieve that through partnership, cooperation and leadership.
    • Partnership: UKTiE will seek to maintain strong partnerships with our neighbours and partners in the EU, across Europe, and other third-countries throughout the world, as a ‘super-effective’ third-country;
    • Cooperation: UKTiE will engage positively with the EU-UK Trade & Cooperation Agreement (TCA), Withdrawal Agreement, and Northern Ireland Protocol governance structures, to promote the closest possible mutually beneficial relationships; in particular, we will promote the establishment of a transport dialogue in the appropriate Domestic Advisory Groups, with UKTiE a member, as well as the Civil Society Forum (see specific UKTiE Trade ‘asks’ below); and
    • Leadership: UK interests can continue to contribute to positive change in Europe and the world, and help accelerate the global shift to safe, resilient, sustainable and smart mobility, particularly through the UK’s leadership role in the respective G7+ and COP27/COP28 forums.

Trade ‘asks’

  • UKTiE has a number of trade ‘asks’. There needs to be:
    • Effective relationships with EU colleagues and partners, including a shared positive interpretation of the TCA;
    • A shared approach which allows the achievement of EU and UK objectives for climate, air quality and quality of life, including through a commitment to ‘active travel’, such as walking and cycling; and the adoption of new technologies and services, including micro-mobility, Mobility-As-A- Service (MAAS), and connected and automated vehicles, within a framework of public policy priorities on climate, environment and health.
    • Further simplification and improvement, where TCA commitments allow – for example, on recognition of UK Notified Bodies and professional qualifications;
    • Medium-term goals identified, to further remove burdens that inhibit trade and travel – for example, seeking opportunities for cumulation of Rules of Origin, perhaps linked to trade negotiations with wider partners such as the potential future CPTPP agreement; and
    • Encouragement of strong EU-UK co-operation, to influence global regulation, and to ensure, for example, ambitious safety and emissions standards via UNECE, IMO and ICAO.

(c) UKTiE Vision January 2022

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