UKTiE Brexit Plan: ensuring the best possible Brexit for UK transport

1. We believe transport should be a priority in the Brexit negotiations
Transport is essential for all citizens and industries in the UK, the competitiveness of the British economy, and indeed the success of the European economy as a whole. The Government should reflect this status in their guidance on priorities, to ensure our contribution to ensuring the best possible Brexit is considered in a timely and satisfactory manner.

2. We need maximum barrier free access to the Single European Transport Area
We believe there are a number of practical solutions to ensure we continue to enjoy maximum access to a barrier free Single European Transport Area, which would enjoy support in the UK and throughout the EU. Given the integrated and international nature of transport, it is not in anyone’s interest to create barriers or bureaucratic restrictions. We plan to work with Government and our partners to promote those solutions.

3. We will mobilise our partners in Brussels and national capitals
We will mobilise our partners, public opinion, allies and advocates on the continent, particularly the Member States and European Parliament, who will all be disadvantaged if transport is not adequately considered in a timely and satisfactory manner in the negotiations.

4. We support a transitional deal
We recognise there is a risk of a ‘cliff edge’ for our industry if we are not considered as part of the Article 50 negotiations, or the details of a future relationship in respect of transport are not agreed by the time when the UK exits the EU. Consequently we support a transitional deal to provide the necessary degree of certainty on how things are going to go forward, including that existing market access provisions and regulatory reciprocity apply for a fixed period, to allow a long term transport agreement to be agreed.

5. We will promote the fullest possible exchange of information and know-how
We have always supported evidence-led rule and policy making and believe that this principle should underpin the Brexit negotiations. We will promote the fullest possible exchange of information and know-how in order to ensure an informed debate and a considered agreement.

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