UKTiE has published a Brexit Position Paper in which we have outlined 4 Key Priorities for the transport sector which are:

1. Access to a skilled workforce to backfill shortages;
2. Smooth customs processes, including the Irish border, for trade and travel;
3. Membership of EU Agencies to support standardisation facilitate cross-border air travel; and
4. The requirement for a transition period to allow businesses the time to prepare for changes.
We believe that transport plays a vital role in the UK economy: strong transport links are integral to businesses, people and trade, underpinning a broad spectrum of other sectors. The UK’s membership of the European Union (EU) has shaped the transport sector, having facilitated the development of highly-integrated supply chains, passenger flows and businesses across borders. The EU has played a key role in facilitating cross-border transportacross the road, rail, maritime and aviation sectors and UK transport has much at stake as the UK leaves the EU.
Our Position Paper outlines serious risks for transport with regards to Brexit, however, UKTiE believes that there are practical solutions ahead if the UK Government makes transport a priority alongside its European partners.
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