UKTiE draws to a close another successful 2 day Transport Policy Summit in the European Parliament. This year’s event brought together Commission officials such as Foris Karamitsos, MEPs including Wim van de Camp, Jacqueline Foster, Daniel Dalton, Lucy Anderson and Marian Jean Marinescu alongside key UK transport representatives.

Key messages emerged from this year’s very productive debate:

  • UKTiE’s top priority remains supporting the EU in developing a Single European Transport Area that works. The UK has one of the most successful and open transport markets in the EU, and is proud to be a leader in delivering a European approach to transport. We seek to work with our partners to share best practice and remove the remaining barriers to new entrants that exist in some Member States.
  • UKTiE believes the revision of existing regulations requires greater prioritisation with an increased focus on proper implementation and compliance.
  • UKTiE fully endorses the European Commission’s commitment to a new way of working, where subsidiarity, proportionality and better regulation are at the core of the Single European Transport Area. Regulations should focus on outcomes rather than having a prescriptive approach and the EU should concentrate its efforts on those areas where only joint EU action can deliver desired results, looking for the most efficient and least burdensome approach.

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