UKTiE Parliamentary Roundtable on Brexit and transport – Programme

The Framework for the UK-EU partnership for transport 

Roundtable discussion hosted by Lord Berkeley on Wednesday 18 July at 15:00 in the House of Lords, Committee Room G. It will be followed by a reception at 18:00. 

UKTIE have been calling for a UK position paper on transport and Brexit for some time, and so this is an important opportunity for all stakeholders to discuss the Government’s recently published Framework for the UK- EU partnership for transport, in the context of the Chequers Agreement and soon to be published White Paper. It’s a chance to spell out in detail what we expect in terms of a destination. It’s also a chance to discuss how we can work together to deliver it, all the while ensuring businesses can trade and the needs of customers are met. Finally, it represents a timely occasion to consider how we remain in the policy and regulatory framework driving seat post-Brexit.

The Framework for the UK-EU partnership for transport

  • What is the destination?
  • How do we get there?
  • How do we keep businesses and customers going during the process?
  • How can we remain in the rule making driving seat?


  • Mark Watts, Co-ordinator UKTiE, The Government’s Framework for the UK-EU artnership on transport. What is the destination?’
  • Lord Tony Berkeley, UKTiE Member and Chair of the Rail Freight Group, ‘How do we get there and keep business and customers going?’
  • Damian Testa, Senior Policy Manager,‘View from the Railway Industry Association’
  • Martin Johnson, Deputy Director, Transport, Energy, Environment; Deputy Director, Science & Innovation, Budget, Market Access, Ministry of Defence, ‘view from Government’
  • Baroness Hayter, Deputy Leader of Labour Lords and shadow Brexit minister, ‘View from Opposition’
  • Emma Giddings,  Partner, Norton Rose Fulbright, ‘A legal view on Brexit, aviation and the wider transport sector’
  • Stefan Borst, Partner, IDA Brussels, Delegate to BDI and former Focus journalist, ‘The view from Berlin’
  • Lucy Anderson MEP, Labour Transport Spokesperson in the European Parliament, ‘View from the European Parliament’
  • Baroness Randerson, Liberal Democrat Transport Spokesperson, ‘View from the LibDems’
  • Conclusion: ‘How can we remain in the rule making driving seat?

Followed by questions, discussion and a reception. Please RSVP to to facilitate access to the House of Lords.

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